My secrects to success…

May 20, 2011 at 11:25 am | Posted in Tips and Tricks | Leave a comment

1. Set a Goal– has to be something fun, you enjoy! I have done Bodybuilding and may do triathalon next.

2. Have a Plan– have a meal plan, exercise routines and designated times to execute them during the day. Chose foods that you like that are easy to prepare. Also make sure exercise routines are fun and have lots of variety.
3. Listen to Your  Body – When you feel like you need a rest, take a recovery day or go to bed eary. If you feel hungry or deprived, eat a little more or add a cheat meal/ food to your meal plan.
4. Keep it Simple – Basic foods, use your  body as my gym (i.e. walking/ running)

  • White fish, green veggies
  • body weight exercises
  • walks outside

5. Consistency and No Excuses!


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