Eat This, Not That

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What do die hard New England Fans do when we are at a sporting event? Spring is here and the Sox are taking the field, Go Sox!
Strike Out: Peanuts
Peanuts are a great source of heart healthy fat. A half a cup of shelled peanuts contains 414 calories and 36 g of fat, which can take more than 2 hours to burn off on the treadmill.
Batter Up: Sunflower Seeds Like peanuts, sunflower seeds are packed with heart healthy fat, but shelling a quarter-cup serving of these tiny seeds will get you through more innings than the peanuts, and for fewer calories and grams of fat. —just one ounce of sunflower seeds contains 76 percent of your daily-recommended intake of vitamin E.

Strike Out: Ice Cream
Ice cream sounds like the perfect frosty treat. But 1 cup of chocolate ice cream can set you back close to 500 calories and packs almost 11 teaspoons of sugar. Though the dairy in ice cream contains some nutrients, such as calcium and protein, it’s a rookie mistake to order a cone over the next, healthier option.
Batter Up: Snow Cone
This mound of colorful ice is surprisingly low-cal with only 30 calories and 5 g of sugar.
Strike Out: Chicken Fingers and Ranch
When surrounded by greasy burgers and fries, chicken fingers get an undeserved healthy reputation. But at about 100 calories a finger, this deep-fried basket meal quickly turns into a waistline buster unworthy of the big leagues. Add 2 tablespoons of ranch for dipping and you tack on 200 more calories.

Batter Up: Hot Dog with Mustard
This ballpark staple is a lightweight when it comes calories—only 214 calories for an all-beef dog in a bun. Top it off with a few squirts of mustard, keeping it simple will save you.”
Strike Out: Nachos
Greasy chips—strike one. Oily cheese sauce—strike two. More than 1,100 calories, 1,580 mg of sodium, and nearly a day’s recommended allowance of fat. You’re outta here!
Batter Up: Soft Pretzel
A plain salted pretzel isn’t the healthiest pick, but it’s the lesser of two food evils with fewer than half the calories of nachos. Make it an even better choice by flicking off the giant salt crystals.


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