Are you wearing the right Athletic Shoes?

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Hope everyone started a walking workout last week. This week…a little Fashion Fitness!
When picking a pair of shoes to better your workout choose a pair geared toward
1. your routine
2. your body
Running Shoes Versus Cross-Trainers
Go with running shoes if you mostly jog or walk, since they’re engineered for heel-to-toe motion. Running sneakers cater to a wider range of foot types and are built to last longer.
Go with cross-trainers if your routine includes an activity like aerobics or weight training (basically any exercise on a hard surface that involves side-to-side movement).

What’s Your Foot Type?
1. Top Outer Edge Worn
You’re a supinator (or underpronator). Supinators’ feet tend to have high arches and roll outward.
You need: Cushioning sneakers for shock absorption.
2. Evenly Worn
You’re neutral and have an average gait with equal weight distribution across the foot.
You need: Stability or moderate-stability sneakers, which offer a balance of cushioning and support.
3. Top Inner Edge Worn
You’re a pronator, which means your feet roll inward. Flat or low arches are common.
You need: Motion-control or high-stability sneakers to keep your feet better aligned with your legs.


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