It is one of the world’s simplest activities…walking!

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Anyone can do it from beginner to elite athlete.
Change it up with a mix of steady-paced walks, fat-blasting intervals, and add strength training to lose weight and speed up that stubborn metabolism.
***For Rob to burn off those Burgers!!!
Maximize fat loss with interval walks that challenge your body with bursts of high intensity and bouts of recovery. Also add light free weights or a weighted vest for more intensity.
A variety of interval walks plus longer, steady state sessions keep your body from hitting a plateau.

Add body-toning/strength-training workouts. These moves can even be done during your walking workout, squatting and push ups will do.
Building lean muscle tissue boosts metabolism.

Eat smart. This plan helps you achieve weight loss with a sensible diet plan.
Fuel up, make sure you eat a healthy blend of carbs and lean protein. Exercise portion control.

Most Helpful Hints:
wear proper footwear/ size
stay hydrated
Schools in! Grab a notebook and chart your progress as you get closer to your goal.


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