Trick yourself into exercising

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Happy Halloween! Tricks and Treats
Trick Yourself Into Exercising

Have you ever headed out to the gym and thought you just didn’t feel like it? Have you found yourself sitting out in the parking lot dreading the thought of going inside? Even though most agree that exercise is one of the best mood-lifters there is, it happens to all of us at some time. If it happens to you, use these tricks to get over it, and get inside!
1. Just go. Getting out the door is the hardest part. There are a lot of opportunities to procrastinate, get tied up, and then not make it out the door at all. The first trick is to keep it simple. Overcome your own stall tactics by ignoring them. Have your gym bag packed, get dressed and just go!
2. No pressure. A lot of us get overwhelmed and start thinking how hard the workout is going to be. But once we get inside, it’s not so bad and we’re usually glad we did. Trick number two is to take the pressure off. Try going in with the attitude,”I’m just going to do the best I can today”. Just taking the pressure off can yield a great performance!
3. Think positive. Going to the gym is supposed to be an activity you choose to do to make you feel good. Trick number three is to focus on your favorite parts of being at the gym. Whether it’s new music on your iPod, a new routine, a relaxing sauna or steam.
4. The reward. Give yourself a happy, healthy reward. If you don’t feel exercising today, visualize yourself afterward, energized and feeling high. What would you like to do for yourself, after this great workout? Eat a great meal? A hot shower and a movie? Whatever it is, you’ll be in the new sneaks you bought (after your last workout :), and on the treadmill in no time!

A Look Back into the Old Halloween Treats

Back in the day when we went door to door trick or treating…neighbors gave you the full-sized chocolate bars and that funny tasting taffy that pulled out your teeth. Here are some old school Halloween treats that you just might remember!
1. Wax Fangs- Wax stuff is a fun memory for many of us. Wax
teeth and wax lips were a Trick or Treat special! And no calories!!!
2. Pop Rocks- This is the popping candy, the one that crackles loudly while dissolving in your mouth.
3. Tootsie Rolls- An all time favorite since 1896 with the longtime candy jingle: The world looks mighty good to
me, cause Tootsie Rolls are all I see!


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