Getting past your fear and getting to the gym

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Joining a gym can be scary and intimidating. New gym-goers feel nervous and that all eyes are on them. I always tell my clients, “once you get a basic routine and get in the groove, you’ll be “toolin’ around like you own the place”

Tips for overcoming common workout fears.

“The exercises look too hard”
For someone who has not worked out, the thought of attempting a push up or even a crunch in front of fellow gym goers is like torture. Some of my clients ask if they can practice at home first.”

The fix: Start with beginner modifications and then progress into the full version of the exercise. Find other exercises to build your strength first .For example, you can strengthen your chest and shoulders before attempting a push up.

“Will I get too bulky?”
Women are always concerned that they’ll build too much bulk if they start working out.

The fix: It’s a fact that building lean muscle revs up your metabolism, burns fat, and sculpts the body. Most women don’t produce enough testosterone to bulk up from a few gym sessions a week.

“It takes too much time”
People think that they must work out for an hour or they won’t get results. Blocking out a whole hour for most seems impossible.

The fix: You can get an effective workout in a short period of time, but you really have to work it. Use short bursts of exercise with short recovery breaks in between. This is called high-intensity interval training, it has the same effect as exercise performed for a longer period. Even in 30 minutes you can burn a lot of calories and that’s what counts.

“I’m going to fall off the treadmill”
I think we have all seen someone get dragged off the dreadmill, I mean treadmill at some point. The treadmill can be intimidating.

The fix: Start off using the stationary bike. Also, ask the staff to show you how to use it. When using the treadmill start at a slow pace, gradually working your way up manually. Stay away from programs set by the machine until you are more comfortable and familiar with the controls.

“I don’t like exercising”
Activities such as lifting weights or cardio can seem like a chore. Some people don’t like exercising or find it boring.

The fix: Variety is the spice of life. I mix it up by using the treadmill one day, bike one day and then do the elliptical another day. Or sign up for a class that you think will be fun.

“I feel fat”
The extra weight you’ve gained is making you feel insecure and embarrassed.

The fix: This is why your joining the gym, to get healthy and trim. It’s all about you. Everyone is there for the same reason, it’s a wonderful network and environment for support.

“I don’t what to do”
When first joining a gym many people have no idea where to begin. Trying to figure out the machines and the adjustments can be overwhelming.

The fix: I love to read books and magazines that explain muscle groups and workout plans. I also started with home videos. All of these resources can help boost your confidence. Hire a personal trainer to familiarize you with the equipment and give you a starter routine!


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