Baby it’s cold outside!

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Dressing properly will keep you warm and toasty during the winter months. How do you stay warm while exercising when it’s cold outside?
Follow these easy tips…
Cold hand and feet are the main reason people do not like to exercise outside during the colder months.
Here is what you can do:
1. Warm up before you go outside
A great way to warm up is to take a hot shower before going out for a run.
2. Wear gloves and hats
Gloves can always be zipped away in pockets if your hands get too hot. I like to wear the athletic tops that have the “glove” at the end of the sleeve you can poke your fingers through. ***Glove liners, mittens.
Hats can also be removed. Better to keep them on to retain body heat. ***Scarves.
3. Layer clothing
As your body adjusts to the outside air and you “work up a sweat” from your exercising, you should have layers of clothing that can be taken off if you start overheating. Start with a base layer made from a material that wicks perspiration away from your skin. Avoid cotton because it traps moisture and draws heat from you. ***I usually wear long underwear, sweat pants, turtleneck and tee-shirt with my Northface or Down jacket when it is really cold. Don’t wear jeans!
4. Sneakers and socks
Stay away from cotton. Wool, and CoolMax are all good choices.
Depending upon the activity, you can find the right sneakers for winter exercise. If walking or running on slick surfaces add a little traction to
your shoes.***Uggs
5. Avoid the wind
Check the wind chill index, the stronger the wind the colder the temp will feel. Be mindful when bike riding. You may risk frostbitten noses, fingers and toes.
6. Be prepared
Taking time to prepare makes it safe and enjoyable. I carry tissues, hair tie and a few dollars in my pocket when running or walking. In my car I have
water, quick nutritious snacks, extra clothing and footwear.

*** If Walking


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