Tips to get you through the Holidays

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Post Turkey Day Tips and more for the Up and coming Holidays that follow…
Eat more Turkey
Eating more protein will help you shed pounds, so pile on the poultry. Avoid anything too fatty such as excess gravy and turkey skin.
Eat Your Veggies
There is such a great variety of vegetables at holiday feasts, unlike any other time of the year. Fiber makes you full faster and keeps you feeling full longer, if you eat more of it you’re more likely to be trim. Be careful to watch how the vegetables you eat are prepared.
Take away the Chill
Tea to the rescue, drink green tea. Green tea is a brew with benefits…fends off disease, helps with cholesterol, boosts metabolism and burns fat. Sipping tea before your meal also helps to fill you up. Peppermint and Cinnamon are also good selections.
Red, Red Wine
Have that drink. Studies show drinking wine in moderation can aide in weight loss. Red wine drinkers had the best effects.

Worst Holiday Habits…
Bad: Missing your Workouts
Good: Don’t get wrapped up and neglect your gym routine. If you can’t maintain your usual regimen, take a walk or do an extra lap around the mall during your holiday shopping. Now is also the time to take advantage of those great gym deals.
Bad: Stressing Out
Good: Cut down your to-do list; many tasks are small enough to drop or delegate. Striving for perfection can wear you down, store-bought goodies will be just as appreciated as homemade.
Bad: Losing Sleep
Good: When you don’t get enough sleep, your appetite hormones go crazy. When you’re sleep-deprived, you’re also more likely to crave sugar and other carbohydrates because of the quick boost of energy they provide. Sleep deprivation can pack on the pounds.
Bad: Overeating
Good: With so many Holiday parties to attend you can easily fall off track, and keep on falling. Keep your weight in check by having cheat days, not cheat months.


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