Staying trim while at the workplace

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Many working Americans are sitting at their desks all day, dealing with a certain level of stress and eating out regularly. Not to mention the dreaded deserts in the “break” room and desks topped with candy dishes. These are all contributors to weight gain. Here are some easy ways to zap some calories and make better choices.

Eat Smart
1. Don’t skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
2. Pack your own lunch, plan your meal the night before and “brown bag” it. This way you will know exactly what your eating and how much.
3. Check out the menu, if you plan to eat out for lunch, go online and view the selections. That way you can make an informed decision once you get there.

Get A Move On
1. Take a walk, spend half your lunch break taking a brisk walk to torch some of those calories.
2. Use man power, bike or walk to work. If you have to drive to work, park your car in the space farthest away from your building. 3. Do chair exercises, leg extensions, seated calf raises, ab crunches,etc…These movements will expend energy and burn calories.
4. Use the stairs, instead of the elevator.
5. Ask Santa, for a treadmill desk. Put that at the top of your workplace wish list.

Stop Cravings
1. Brush your teeth, reduce the temptation to put something else into your mouth once your mouth feels clean and fresh.
2. Snack smart, bring a few healthy snacks to work with you each day, or leave them in the break room. Good choices are Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts.
3. Stay hydrated, water will keep you feel full, prevent fatigue and help you shed pounds.
4. Breathe, avoid stressing out. Try mastering breathing techniques to help you stay calm and handle any overwhelming tasks that may be thrown your way.

Team Work
1. Make a change, a break room stocked with healthy vending machine and beverage options. Everyone will benefit.
2. “Biggest Loser”, hold an office challenge to see who can shed the most pounds.
3. Form a group, walk together at lunch, discuss diet and nutrition during break time. Compare food journals to hold each other accountable.

***Especially careful and considerate during Holiday Season, with boxes of chocolates and cookie swaps :)!!!


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