Fitness Gifting

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It’s the hottest gear of the year. Why not include these fitness favorites on your holiday shopping list. There is sure to be something for everyone, naughty or nice.
Kettlebells are great training tools. A kettlebell is a great new piece of equipment to add to your home gym. With the current popularity and interest it is easy to find a local kettlebell class, join in and learn some new moves.
The Bodybar
The bodybar is another great piece of training equipment to add to your arsenal. It provides an effective resistance-training workout. There are some easy to follow body bar workout books with killer routines.
Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are the most simple, convenient, and affordable equipment option in fitness equipment. They have total portability for great fat-loss workouts that can be done anywhere.
Work out Gloves
Especially for the ladies, having work out gloves will not only “save” their hands but also provide hand-strengthening benefits that come with a better grip. Gloves completely change the stimulus of any upper body pushing or pulling workout.
Foam Roller
A foam roller is a must for anyone who works out regularly. You can give your whole body a massage from head to toe. They’re excellent for recovery, decreasing injuries, and keeping your body performing at its best.
Keeping track of workouts and daily food journaling is key to overall success. Give the gift of organization with a great day planner or pretty notebooks.

Luxury Gifts***

There is so much new technology on the shelves. How about the latest version of the Apple iPod Nano . It has a touch screen, like an iPhone, which is great for navigating.
Massage Gift Certificate
This is for someone at the top of your list.
Go Barefoot
What’s all the buzz, minimalist footwear, anything from the Vibram FiveFingers to the Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove. They are light and extremely flexible, great for travel (packing). Love them.
Athletic Shades
Sunglasses worn while performing sporting activities need to be lightweight and nonfogging. They also need to stay on during fast movement and of course, look sleek.

Stocking Stuffers***

Wool Sox- Keep those feet warm with wool sox, great for running outside in the colder weather.
Arm Warmers- First there were leg warmers…Wear these with tees or over long sleeves. Once you heat up, push them down or take them off.
Subscriptions- to health and fitness magazines, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Beverages- Tea, coffees and red wines, all known to reap health benefits.


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