Reasons for Aquatic Exercise

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Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic Fitness offers many options and different forms of training from Aerobics to Water Walking. A Medical Doctor may even prescribe aquatic activities for individuals with certain medical conditions. Check out these benefits of Aquatic Exercise:

Improves Fitness- Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength and Endurance and Flexibility. Water gives added resistance and water pressure facilitates blood circulation.

Therapeutic- Exercise in water safely facilitates and assists you in the recovery of injuries, surgeries and illnesses. Water provides an environment for less weight-bearing stress on the muscles and joints.

Stress Release- Exercising in a soothing water environment gives you a chance to forget about daily stresses and problems and helps you relax. Exercise in warm water relaxes muscles, decreasing depression, anxiety and stress and thus improving your mood.

Social- Aquatic exercise allows you to meet and be with other people, you have the opportunity to communicate and make new friends.

Comfort- The cooling and massaging effects of exercising in the water make it a great place to workout without feeling fatigued.

Fun- The pool environment makes water a great place to have fun while doing something great for your body.


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